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Canadian Girls in Training, or CGIT, is a church-based program for girls and young women aged 11–17 throughout Canada.

The group was founded in 1915, as an alternative to the burgeoning Girl Guides movement. Initial support was provided by the YWCA, along with the Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Methodist churches. By the end of its first decade, 75,000 girls had received CGIT training. By 1933, there were chapters in 1100 communities across the country, with a total membership of 40,000. The group later became a program of the Canadian Council of Churches' Department of Christian Education, and was an independent organization by 1976. Today, it is supported by the United Church of Canada, the Presbyterian Church in Canada, and the Canadian Baptist Ministries, and numbers approximately 2,000 members in 150 groups.

CGIT provides mid-week activities rooted in contemporary Christian (Protestant) values. Another aspect of the organization is participation in one of several CGIT camps, including Kalalla (Alcove, Quebec), Ryde Lake (Gravenhurst, Ontario), and Wohelo (near Edmonton, Alberta).

The CGIT purpose is: As a Canadian Girl in Training, under the leadership of Jesus, it is my purpose to Cherish Health, Seek Truth, Know God, Serve Others and thus, with His help, become the girl God would have me be.

Canadian Girls in Training wear a distinctive uniform, a white and blue middy, originally modelled on this style of shirt that was popular when the organization was being formed.


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