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The Canadian Journalism Project (CJP) and its websites, (English) and (French), are published by a venture among post-secondary journalism schools and programs across Canada. The CJP is led by Ryerson University, Université Laval and Carleton University and supported by a group of donors.

Launched in the spring of 2007 with the support of The Canadian Journalism Foundation, the site provides a source for news, research, commentary, advice, discussion and resources for industry professionals, scholars and students.

J-Source and ProjetJ[edit]

J-Source is the English website of the Canadian Journalism Project, and ProjetJ is the French website. They are both community-based sites for journalists, journalism students, journalism educators and members of the public who are interested in journalism issues in Canada. Each site's content is maintained by an English Masthead and French Masthead, respectively (i.e. the French site is not a direct translation of the English site). The content of the sites is divided into categories, which are each edited and maintained by a member of the respective masthead.


The CJP is governed by two committees: an Editorial Committee and a Management Committee. Specific duties and responsibilities may be delegated to sub-committees as necessary.

Editorial Committee[edit]

The Editorial Committee has full responsibility for editorial content. Specifically, the committee's content responsibilities include:

  • Providing editorial direction
  • Ensuring the overall quality of content
  • Developing guidelines and timelines for content submission by section editors and others
  • Appointing (and, if necessary, removing) section editors
  • Identifying and recruiting other qualified authors of content
  • Assisting with promotional efforts
  • Contributing organizational support, monetary or in-kind, where possible
  • Ensuring that section editors are contributing material on a regular basis and, where this isn’t the case, removing a section editor and replacing them either temporarily or permanently.

Current Members

Bruce Gillespie, Wilfrid Laurier University—Editor-in-Chief, J-Source
Tamara Baluja, Associate Editor, J-Source
Paul Benedetti—Editor-at-large
Nicole Blanchett Neheli, Sheridan College—Editor, Field Notes
Nicole Cohen, University of Toronto Mississauga—Editor, Work and Labour
Canadian Association of Journalists—Editor, Ask a Mentor
Melanie Coulson, Carleton University—Editor, Education
David McKie, CBC—Editor, Ideas
Thomas Rose, Wilfrid Laurier University—Editor, Law
David Secko and Lisa Lynch, Concordia University—Editors, Findings/Researching Journalism
Romayne Smith Fullerton, Western University—Editor, Ethics
David Spencer, University of Western Ontario—Editor, Book Reviews
Mark Taylor, University of Regina—Editor, Photojournalism
Robert Washburn, Loyalist College—Editor, Innovation
Brennan Reid, Wilfrid Laurier University—Editor, Student Lounge

French Masthead[edit]

The French Masthead manages content on the French site.

Current Members
Hélène Roulot-Ganzmann—Editor-in-Chief, ProjetJ
Colette Brin, Université Laval—Formation
Chantal Francoeur, UQAM—Lectures
Marc-François Bernier, Université d’Ottawa—Éthique et déontologie
Pierre Duchesne, Radio-Canada
Annie Labrecque, Les Débrouillards
Michel Munger, Canal Argent
Arnaud Carbasse, UQAM-GRICIS

Management Committee[edit]

The management committee of J-Source was suspended when the Canadian Journalism Foundation ended its responsibility for J-Source, which is now a cooperative of various journalism schools and organizations. The publisher of J-Source calls together contributing members of the cooperative to determine policy and make financial decisions.

The original terms of the Management Committee were:

  • Developing governance structure and policies with the Mastheads
  • Hiring and overseeing staff (consulting with editors-in-chief)
  • Budgeting and managing expenses
  • Strategic planning and direction
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Fundraising


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