Canadian Society of Cinematographers

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Canadian Society of Cinematographers
Full name Canadian Society of Cinematographers
Founded 1957[1]
Key people George Willis - President
Office location Toronto, Ontario
Country Canada

The Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) is a trade society whose members are Canadian cinematographers.[1] Full accredited members can put the letters C.S.C. or csc, after their names. The society hosts an awards gala, that recognizes the accomplishments of Canadian cinematographers, annually in Toronto. 2017 will mark the 60th anniversary of the CSC Awards Gala.[2][3]


The society was founded in 1957, with the purpose to create a trade society similar to the American Society of Cinematographers in Canada. The federal government did not recognize the society for three years until in 1960 the Secretary of State officially recognized the society.[3]


The Society published a magazine called Cinema Canada from 1961[4] which continued to be published under a number of other names until 1989.[5] It is now called Canadian Cinematographer.

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