Canal du Loing

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Canal du Loing
Cepoy - 00.jpg
Canal du Loing at Cepoy
Length 49.4 km (30.7 mi)
Locks 19 (originally 20)
Principal engineer Régemortes (father and son)
Date approved 1720
Date completed 1723
Start point Saint-Mammès on the Seine
End point Buges near Montargis
Beginning coordinates 48°01′41″N 2°43′21″E / 48.02816°N 2.72255°E / 48.02816; 2.72255
Ending coordinates 48°23′14″N 2°48′08″E / 48.38721°N 2.80229°E / 48.38721; 2.80229
Connects to Canal de Briare and Seine
Note Lock 20 is disused since level of the Seine was changed.

The Canal du Loing is a 49.4 km long canal which connects the Seine at Saint-Mammès to the Briare Canal just north of Montargis, in central France. It runs through the Loiret and Seine-et-Marne départements.


Philippe II, Duke of Orléans sought letters patent to build the canal in 1720, and it was completed in 1723. 3815 barges passed through in 1752 alone. Lock 20 is disused today, leaving 19 locks. The total fall is about 37m[1].

The canal is lateral to the river Loing except in two places where the river is used as part of the canal[2].

The Canal du Loing is part of the Bourbonnais route from Saint-Mammès on the Seine to Chalon-sur-Saône on the Saône River.

Current use[edit]

The valley is wooded and pleasant throughout, with lakes resulting from former gravel pits. Commercial traffic has declined significantly, but the canal remains open all year round to accommodate barges, mostly carrying grain for export. The route is popular with private boats, and also sees some hire boats and hotel barges[2].

Canal junction at Buges
Three-way junction, with the Canal du Loing ahead, the Canal d'Orléans under the footbridge, left, and the Canal de Briare in the foreground

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