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Cancel Sing cover.jpg
EP by Karate
Released March 12, 2002
Recorded 2000
Genre Post-rock
Jazz fusion
Length 26:07
Label Southern Records
Karate chronology
Some Boots
(2002)Some Boots2002

Cancel/Sing is a two-song EP released by the indie rock band Karate in the spring of 2002; the album was produced with Karate's usual label, Southern Records.

Composed of so few songs — the eponymous "Cancel" and "Sing"—the EP marks a further venture into the jazz-inspired, extended improvisations already apparent in Karate's live shows and vocalist Geoff Farina's solo work. The band's label describes it similarly, remarking that Cancel/Sing "represents Karate's foray into longer song structures. The idea was to take the simple structures that Karate has dealt with in past recordings and see how far they could be stretched without destroying their integrity as songs".[1]

This shift in styles would reach full fruition in Karate's two subsequent (and last) studio albums: Some Boots, released in October of the same year, and Pockets, released in 2004.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Cancel" — 11:11
  2. "Sing" — 14:56