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Candis Magazine
Editor Debbie Attewell
Categories Family
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 163,890 (ABC Jul - Dec 2013)[1]
Print and digital editions.
Publisher Newhall Publications
First issue 1962 (1962)
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Candis is a monthly magazine, targeted at families and healthy living. It is designed as a members’ publication with a focus on health articles, competitions, and arranging discounts for members on a range of services.


Candis has its origins in 1962, when its founder, Joseph K. Douglas, created the Cancer & Polio Research Fund News Letter, to provide updates on the fundraising activities of the related charity that he had founded.

Development of the magazine[edit]

By 1971 the newsletter was being produced as a fortnightly publication, cost 15 pence and was delivered by hand to customers. It went to full-colour by 1981 and cost 60 pence. The serial included updates on cancer and polio research activity, together with a football pool and reader competitions.

By 1985 the newsletter had evolved into a magazine format, containing twenty-eight pages and including a free prize draw, which had replaced the long-standing football pool. The magazine was also now being published by Newhall Publications.

In 1986 a competition was held among readers to choose a new name with Candis the new name selected. The magazine expanded to 124 pages in the 1990s and to 164 pages in 2007. In 2008 Candis launched an annual award for "Outstanding Family of the Year". There are currently in excess of 236,000 copies sold each month[2]

Method of distribution[edit]

Originally Candis magazine was distributed to customers in their homes via a series of agents. At their height, these numbered up to 15,000 across 30 regions.[3] However, in July 2002 the magazine moved from hand delivery to a postal subscription-based service. [4]

Candis Club[edit]

A central focus of the magazine is Candis Club.[5] This is a club for subscribers that arranges savings and social events for members. Products offered include: travel, car and home insurance, will planning, breakdown and health cover.[6] Part of the club’s remit is to raise funds for donations to health charities.

Charitable donations[edit]

Candis Club has donated in excess of £53 million to health charities from its formation in 1962 to 2011. The majority of support has been given to the Cancer and Polio Research Fund[7] (£31 million) with other benefitting charities including Marie Curie Cancer Care (£5 million),[8] National Asthma Campaign (£4.4 million) (now known as Asthma UK)[9] and Macmillan Cancer Support[10] (£3.3 million).[11] In addition, Candis has supported children’s charities such as Bliss, Tommy’s[12] and Children’s Hospices UK. The magazine also has an official partnership with Crimestoppers with related features included in the publication.[13]

In 1984, HRH Princess Alexandra opened the Douglas Cyclotron[14] Centre in Clatterbridge Hospital. Membership subscriptions had contributed over £750,000 for the cancer treatment centre, which was named after the organisation’s founder.

Lesser-known charities supported include: local health charities, schools and community projects. The total amount donated from 1991 to 2010 was £850,000. The Club created the Candis Club Community Awards to manage donations to community groups.


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