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(Ameiro Banyū Inryoku)
Written bySatomi Sugita
Published byOakla Publications
English publisher
PublishedJuly 10, 2007
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Candy (飴イロ蛮優引力, Ameiro Banyū Inryoku) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Satomi Sugita. It is licensed in North America by Digital Manga Publishing which released the manga on 26 August 2008.[1]


Rachel Bentham, writing for Active Anime, felt Candy was "explicit without being too graphic and attractive for its tender-hearted characters and bon-vivant tone."[2] Leroy Douressaux praised the varied character designs and the amount of humour in the work, which he felt was enough to lighten the mood.[3] Danielle Van Gorder, writing for Mania Entertainment, appreciated the reactions of the "various townfolk" to Takara, saying that this helped create a sense of "depth" to the world.[4]


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