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Candy Box
Web address
Commercial? No
Type of site
Role-playing video game
Registration Yes
Owner aniwey
Created by aniwey
Alexa rank
106,919 (November 2013)[1]
Current status Active

Candy Box is a incremental browser video game featuring ASCII art.


The game was developed over a period of two months by indie game developer "aniwey",[2] a 19-year-old student from Caen, France, and released in April 2013. A sequel was released on October 24, 2013.


The game revolves around candies, which players begin to receive at a rate of one per second; however this number may increase with further gameplay. Gameplay appears very sparse initially, but options appear as the player performs actions.[2] For example, candy can be eaten or used to purchase items.[3] Players can also undertake quests and kill monsters in order to gain candy. By performing quests, the player obtains items which can be accessed in their inventory.


Kotaku noted that "Candy Box's curious combination of ASCII 'graphics', role-playing elements and resource management has caught on with hundreds of thousands."[4] According to Mashable, the "charming ASCII art style belies a very deep game that can quickly get addictive".[5]

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