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Candy Box!
SeriesCandy Box!
Platform(s)Web browser
  • WW: April 2013
Genre(s)Online text-based role-playing game

Candy Box! is a 2013 independent incremental browser video game. The game was developed by a 19-year-old French student using the pseudonym "aniwey" and released in April 2013. Candy Box! is an online text-based role-playing game and features ASCII art in lieu of traditional artwork.

A sequel, titled Candy Box 2, was released on October 24, 2013.

Gameplay and synopsis[edit]

Candy Box! starts with no more than a save button and a candy counter.

The game revolves around candies, which players begin to receive at a rate of one per second; however this number may increase with further gameplay. Gameplay appears very sparse initially, but options appear as the player performs actions.[1] For example, candy can be eaten or used to purchase items.[2] Players can eventually undertake quests and kill monsters in order to gain candy. By performing quests, the player obtains items which can be accessed in their inventory.

Development and release[edit]

Candy Box! was developed over a period of two months by indie game developer "aniwey",[1] a then-19-year-old student from Caen, France, and released in April 2013.

A sequel, titled Candy Box 2, was released on October 24, 2013.[3] The source code of Candy Box 2, written in TypeScript, was released under the GPLv3.[4]


Kotaku noted that "Candy Box!'s curious combination of ASCII 'graphics', role-playing elements and resource management has caught on with hundreds of thousands."[5] According to Mashable, the "charming ASCII art style belies a very deep game that can quickly get addictive".[6] PC Gamer editor Shaun Prescott found the game particularly addictive, describing it as "Cow Clicker as RPG."[2] Justin Davis of IGN stated that, together with A Dark Room and Cookie Clicker, Candy Box! has become one of the most well-known incremental games.[7] Rock, Paper, Shotgun named Candy Box! number 21 of The 50 Best Free Games on PC in 2016.[8]

Its successor, Candy Box 2, received broad public reception[9][10][11][12] and was recommended in a PC World review in October 2013 with the words "Play this right now".[13]


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