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Cannabis may refer to:

Fauna and flora[edit]

  • Cannabis Blyth, 1850, a former name for the perching bird genus Carduelis
  • Cannabis, a genus of flowering plants that includes three taxa:
  • Cannabis strains, the pure breeds or hybrid varieties of cannabis plants
  • Feral cannabis, wild-growing cannabis generally descended from hemp plants previously cultivated for fiber

Cannabis uses and derivatives[edit]

Art, entertainment, and media[edit]

Businesses and organizations[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Cannabis culture, a social atmosphere and fellowship associated with consumption of cannabis
  • Cannabis refugee, a term referring to people who have moved from one location to another due to cannabis prohibition laws
  • Cannabis rights, the rights of people who consume cannabis
  • Cannabis shop, a retail cannabis store, or medical cannabis dispensary
  • Cannabis (word), the etymology of the plant name cannabis

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