Canoe Fight

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Coordinates: 31°25′55″N 87°34′36″W / 31.43181°N 87.57666°W / 31.43181; -87.57666

Canoe Fight
Part of the Creek War
Canoe Fight.jpg
Samuel Dale in the Canoe Fight.
Date November 12, 1813
Location Alabama River, Mississippi Territory
Result United States victory
 United States Creek
Commanders and leaders
United States Samuel Dale unknown
2 war-canoes 1 war-canoe
Casualties and losses
1 wounded
1 war-canoe damaged
8 killed
1 mortally wounded
1 war-canoe captured

The Canoe Fight was a famous engagement fought on November 12, 1813, as part of the Creek War. It occurred near the mouth of Randons Creek on the Alabama River, between modern Clarke and Monroe counties.[1][2] During an expedition up the Alabama, American militia in two war-canoes captured a Creek war-canoe. Though little more than a skirmish, the action became famous for involving frontiersman Captain Samuel Dale, who commanded the expedition.[3] Samuel Dale, Jeremiah Austill, and James Smith become frontier heroes in this Creek War episode on the Alabama River known as The Canoe Fight. From their canoe, paddled by a black man named Caesar, the three Americans engaged a large canoe carrying nine Creek warriors. Dale's men killed 8 Creeks, mortally wounded 1, and captured a war-canoe. One of the Americans was wounded and 1 war-canoe was damaged.

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