Cantando por un Sueño (Argentine TV series)

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Cantando por un sueño
Created by El Trece
Starring Marcelo Tinelli (1-2)
José M. Listorti (3-Present)
Denise Dumas (3-Present)
Country of origin Argentina
No. of seasons 4
Original network El Trece
Original release 2006 – Present

Cantando por un Sueño (literally "Singing for a dream") is a former segment inside the Argentine television program Showmatch, and now an independent TV show broadcast on El Trece.

On the contest, a non-celebrity "dreamer" (man or woman) who in addition must be a professional singer, is accompanied by a celebrity for some weeks of a singing competition. The couples are awarded points by a panel of judges, who give scores from 1 to 10, and those with the fewer points have to face the public vote to continue in the program.

As of May 2012, the show is in its fourth season and the panel of judges continues to include icons of the Argentine musical industry: Valeria Lynch, Óscar Mediavilla and Patricia Sosa. Journalist Marcelo Polino, who also serves as a judge in Bailando por un Sueño and Soñando por Bailar, is part of the panel of judges too.

Airing of the show[edit]

Season Stars Weeks Dates Celebrity honor places
Winner Second place Third place
1) August 2006
Iliana Calabró & Ricardo Rubio Rodolfo Ranni & Lorena Miranda Sandra Ballesteros & Andrés Olarte
Tota Santillán & Agustina Vita
2) November 2007
Tití Fernández & Micaela Salinas Brenda Gandini & Francisco Cracogna Karina Jelinek & Emiliano Rómbola
Diego Ramos & Florencia Vázquez
3) October 2011
Patricio Giménez & Priscila Juárez Álvaro Navia & Ana P. Rodríguez Andrea López & Jonathan González
Belén Frances & Augusto Álvarez
4) May 2012
Mole Moli & Natalie Scalzadonna Silvina Escudero & Sebastián Vitale Chiqui Abecasis & Irina Abecasis
Marcelo Iripino & Indira Aprile


Judges Role Seasons
1 2 3 4
Valeria Lynch Head Judge
Óscar Mediavilla Head Judge
Patricia Sosa Head Judge
Patricia Sosa Head Judge
Lucho Avilés Head Judge
Laura Ubfal Head Judge
Reina Reech Temporary Judge
Paz Martínez Temporary Judge
     Full time judge
     Temporary/Guest judge


A total of 45 celebrities have appeared in the three seasons of Cantando por un Sueño. For each season, the celebrities are paired with a professional singer as a partner and a coach who instructs helps them with the song's choice and the work during the week. A total of 45 professional singers as the partners have appeared alongside celebrities.

List of the current professional partners[edit]

  • Ana Paula Rodríguez
  • Alejandro Escobar
  • Augusto Álvarez
  • Cristian Centurión
  • Emiliano Bernal
  • Emmanuel Casanova
  • Federico Moore
  • Javier Olguín
  • Juan A. Macedonio
  • Lara Sambert
  • Loly Santa Coloma
  • Mauro Bornancini
  • Melissa Bustamante
  • Priscila Suárez
  • Romina Rebecchi


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