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For the current season, see Bailando 2016.
Bailando por un Sueño
Genre Reality competition
Created by El Trece
Presented by Marcelo Tinelli
Judges Ángel de Brito
Moria Casán
Soledad Silveyra
Marcelo Polino
Nacha Guevara (2014-15)
Carmen Barbieri (2006, 08-12)
Flavio Mendoza (2011-12)
Aníbal Pachano (2010-12)
Antonio Gasalla (2012)
Graciela Alfano (2007, 10-11)
Ricardo Fort (2010)
Reina Reech (2006, 10)
Gerardo Sofovich (2006-08)
Jorge Lafauci (2006-08)
Laura Fidalgo (2006)
Zulma Faiad (2006)
Country of origin Argentina
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of series 10
Location(s) El Trece
Ideas del Sur Studios
Production company(s) Ideas del Sur Studios
Original network El Trece
Picture format (HDTV)
Original release 17 April 2006 (2006-04-17) – present
Related shows El Musical de tus Sueños
Bailando Kids
Soñando por Bailar
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Bailando por un Sueño (literally "Dancing for a dream"; known simply as Bailando) is an Argentine dancing competition show airing since 2006 as part of the Showmatch Franchise on El Trece. The show is the Argentine version of the Mexican television series of the same name. Marcelo Tinelli is the Martín Fierro-winning host in each season, as well in all of the spin-off shows derived from this one like Cantando por un Sueño (2006-2007;2011-2012), Patinando por un Sueño (2007-2008), El Musical de tus Sueños (2009), Bailando Kids (2009) and Soñando por Bailar (2011-2012).

Originally, the format of the show consisted of a celebrity paired with an amateur dancer called dreamer. They had to demonstrate their skills in various styles in order to fulfill the amateur dancer's dream. Since season 5, nevertheless, the show consists of a standard dancing competition conformed by a celebrity and a professional partner representing a charity. Several dreamers of early seasons came back as professionals in later years.

Unlike other international versions, the show airs four times a week and runs by seven to nine months per season, as it includes a large number of contestants. This means the couples dance a single style per round and the whole process takes several episodes to complete, so all the remaining couples don't dance in each episode.



Marcelo Tinelli has been the host since the program's premiere in 2006. Bailando originally was planned as a segment of the comedy show Showmatch, which Tinelli lead since early 1990. (previously known as Videomatch).

Marcela Feudale, Larry DeClay, Jorge Crivelli and Walter D'Angelo act as voice overs to liven up the audience during each episode as a legacy of the Showmatch format. They interact with Tinelli and add live comedy experiences, often adding laughter or amusing comments during the show.

In season 8, Marcela Feudale was a contestant of the show, but she acted as voice over in the episodes she didn't have to dance.

Judging panel[edit]

The judging panel has included several stars of the Argentine entertainment scene. For the first four seasons, it consisted of four members with Jorge Lafauci serving as head judge, considered to be the main judge who had to take decisions when the other judges didn't agree in some points. In later seasons, this role disappeared as the judging panel added an extra member. In season 8, it included six judges, but none of them acted as lead.

The judging panel often includes theatre directors like Moria Casán, Aníbal Pachano, Reina Reech or Nacha Guevara as part of the Argentine entertainment culture. Dancers Flavio Mendoza and Laura Fidalgo, actors Soledad Silveyra and Antonio Gasalla and journalists Marcelo Polino and Ángel de Brito have also appeared as judges.

The show also stars guest judges when the official ones aren't available. This group includes former winners of the show, television personalities, classical dancers and even football player Diego Maradona.


     Current judging panel
     Previous judge(s)
     Previous judge(s) who joined the show after another judge resigned.
     Guest judge(s)
Judging Panel
Judge Seasons
01 (2006) 02 (2006) 03 (2006) 04 (2007) 05 (2008) 06 (2010) 07 (2011) 08 (2012) 09 (2014) 10 (2015) 11 (2016)
Ángel de Brito
Moria Casán
Soledad Silveyra
Marcelo Polino
Nacha Guevara
Carmen Barbieri
Flavio Mendoza
Aníbal Pachano
Antonio Gasalla
Graciela Alfano
Ricardo Fort
Reina Reech
Gerardo Sofovich
Jorge Lafauci
Laura Fidalgo
Zulma Faiad
Mariana Fabbiani
Beto Casella
J. F. Casanovas
Eleonora Cassano
Santiago Bal
Silvina Escudero
Lolo Rossi
Hugo Ávila
Luis Ventura
Chiche Gelblung
Florencia de la V
Diego Maradona
  • In season 6, Carmen Barbieri left her place in round 14. Moria Casán replaced her for all the rest of the season.
  • In season 7, Carmen Barbieri left her place in round 3. Marcelo Polino replaced her for all the rest of the season.
  • In season 8, Antonio Gasalla left his place in round 10. As that season was the only one with six judges, the production decided to keep the panel with five people.


A total of 194 celebrities have appeared in the ten seasons of Bailando por un Sueño. For each season, the celebrities are paired with a professional partner and a coach who instructs them in the various dances each week and competes alongside them in the televised competition. A total of 135 professional partners have appeared alongside celebrities, some for only one season, and others in multiple seasons. The longest-tenured professional partners are Nicolás Scillama, Christian Ponce, Maximiliano D'Iorio and Gabriel Usandivaras who have each appeared in six seasons.

List of the current professional partners[edit]

  • Bárbara Reali
  • Christian Ponce
  • Florencia Vigna
  • Barbara Silenzi
  • Facundo Insúa
  • Fernando Bertona
  • Leandro Nimo
  • Judith Kovalovsky
  • Joel Ledesma
  • Fernando Castro
  • Iván Anrriquez
  • Laura Fernández
  • Macarena Rinaldi
  • Marcos Beierbach
  • Josefina Oriozabala
  • Estefanía Pais
  • Nina Iraolagoitia
  • Camila Méndez Rivero
  • Candela Ruggeri
  • Nicolás Villalba
  • Alejandro Gallego
  • Macarena Rinaldi
  • Soledad Bayona
  • MarcelaGreco

Series Overview[edit]

Season Stars Weeks Dates Celebrity honor places
Winners Runners-Up Semifinalists
1) April 2006
Carmen Barbieri & Cristian Ponce Dady Brieva & Mirtha Lima Jésica Cirio & Marcelo Petrín
M. Angel Cherutti & Emilia Almada
2) July 2006
Florencia de la V & Manuel Rodríguez Emilia Attías & Lucas Tortorici María E. Ritó & Darío Rojas
Moria Casán & Leonardo Piccinato
3) October 2006
Carla Conte & Guillermo Conforte María Vázquez & Diego Bogado Laura Fidalgo & Gustavo Rojas
Ximena Capristo & Guido de Paoli
4) April 2007
Celina Rucci & Matías Sayago Paula Robles & Franco Tabenero Florencia de la V & Martín de la Iglesia
Liz Solari & Daniel M. Sánchez
5) April 2008
Pampita Ardohaín & Nicolás Armengol Laura Fidalgo & Miguel Brandán María F. Callejón & Rodrigo Escobar
Valeria Archimó & Juan Leandro Nimo
6) May 2010
Mole Moli & Mariana Conci Paula Chaves & Franco Tabernero Silvina Escudero & Nicolás Scillama
Vanina Escudero & Pier Fritzsche
7) May 2011
Hernán Piquín & Noelia Pompa Tito Speranza & Nadia Hair Paula Chaves & Pablo Juín
Coki Ramírez & Juan Leandro Nimo
8) June 2012
Magdalena Bravi & Jorge Moliniers Florencia Peña & Nicolás Scillama
Paula Chaves & Peter Alfonso
9) April 2014
Anita Martínez & Marcos "Bicho" Gómez Hernán Piquín & Cecilia Figaredo Noelia Pompa & Facundo Mazzei
Jésica Cirio & Juan Carlos Acosta
10) May 2015
Federico Bal & Laura Fernández Ailén Bechara & Fernando Bertona Cinthia Fernández & Gabriel Usandivaras
Gisela Bernal & Nicolás Villalba
11) May 2016

Scoring and voting procedure[edit]

The scoring begins with the judges' marks. Each judge gives a numeric score from 0 to 10. (from the season 10 onwards; previously the lowest score possible was 1). The number of judges has changed between four and six members, so the highest score has varied from 40 to 60. In each round a different judge gets the "secret score", which isn't revealed until all the couples have performed. At the end of each round, with the secret score revealed, the lowest scored couples are sent to a Duel. In the Duel, the couples must perform the same dance again and the judges will determine which couples will advance to the next round until only two couples remain. Then, the audience must vote for one of the bottom two couples via text messages. In the first three seasons, the lowest two scored couples were sent directly to the public vote.

The process is repeated several times until the final five couples are sent directly to a Duel with a new dance style. Then, The final four are divided randomly in two Semifinals where they will compete to advance to the Season Finale. In the Semifinals, three or four previously performed dances are shown again to the judges. They will cast a vote for one of the two couples. At the same time, the audience send text messages and the total is added to the judge's vote. When the final two couples are decided, the same process repeats in the Season Finale.

In the first four seasons, the show fulfilled the winner's dream. From the season 5 onwards, the winner's chosen charity receives money that varies depending on the needs.

Generally, all the celebrities help their chosen charity by featuring events to fundraise money no matter the fact if they succeed in the show or not.

General information[edit]


The first person to withdraw from competition was La Hiena Barrios in season four and José María Listorti replaced him. Later in the same season and after an injury, Catherine Fulop started crying on air stating that the judges "were being too harsh on her" and that "her efforts at dancing weren't valued enough".[1] She never came back and Cinthia Fernández took her place only a few rounds before the Season Finale.

In season five, Ilona Staller withdrew from the competition after the first round citing a rib fracture, so Adabel Guerrero replaced her. Later, in round 24, Evangelina Anderson left the competition after dancing pregnant during several performances. Eliana Guercio replaced her, but resigned after a single performance in the show. Finally, Claudia Fernández took her place only to get eliminated after one performance.

In season six, Luciana Salazar left the competition after she got anemia, so Vanina Escudero took her place. Later, the returning Evangelina Anderson resigned to the show again citing that she missed her husband in Germany. Belén Francese, who had got eliminated in that round, was given the chance to return in the place of Evangelina.

In season seven, a total of five couples resigned to the show, making it the season where most people have quit. Mike Tyson and Pamela Anderson resigned in the first rounds stating that they couldn't travel to Argentina each time they had to perform. Jorge Luengo and Paula Chaves replaced them respectively. Later, Wanda Nara left the show after getting pregnant, being replaced by her sister Zaira the rest of the show. In round 6, Rocío Guirao fainted in the middle of her performance.[2] She later admitted she wasn't feeling well during the rehearsals and decided to leave the show. Evangelina Anderson returned for the third time to replace her. Finally, Vanina Escudero left the show after several arguments with the judges and Sofía Pachano replaced her.

In season eight, Sergio Martínez left the competition in round 2, being replaced by Alexander Caniggia. Also, after several problems with her partner, Valeria Archimó resigned and Adabel Guerrero took her place. At last, Liz Solari left the show after receiving an offer to star in a film and Alexandra Larsson took her place.

In season nine, Paula Chaves left the show stating she wanted to spend more time with her daughter after participating in two seasons in a row. As she was participating with her husband, the production decided to pair him with the professional dancer Florencia Viterbo.

In season ten, quitting couples are automatically eliminated and don't receive a replacement. Former winner Anita Martínez left the show stating problems with her partner.[3] Later, Negro Álvarez decided to leave saying that the "format of the show wasn't for him".[4] Finally, former winner and judge, Carmen Barbieri resigned to the show for the third time in a row after quitting in seasons five and six as a judge.


Champions' ranks[edit]

Rank Celebrity Professional partner Season Average score
1 Noelia Pompa Hernán Piquín 8 8.93
2 Celina Rucci Matías Sayago 4 8.28
3 Pampita Ardohaín Nicolás Armengol 5 8.18
4 Carla Conte Guillermo Conforte 3 7.97
4 Carmen Barbieri Christian Ponce 1 7.97
5 Bicho Gómez Anita Martínez 9 7.85
6 Noelia Pompa Hernán Piquín 7 7.83
7 Mole Moli Mariana Conci 6 7.48
8 Florencia de la V Manuel Rodríguez 2 6.72

Runners-up's ranks[edit]

Rank Celebrity Professional partner Season Average score
1 Paula Robles Franco Tabernero 4 8.80
2 Hernán Piquín Cecilia Figaredo 9 8.71
3 Laura Fidalgo Miguel Brandán 5 8.51
4 Magdalena Bravi Jorge Moliniers 8 8.02
5 Paula Chaves Alejandro Gallego 6 7.95
6 Dady Brieva Mirtha Lima 1 7.92
7 María Vázquez Diego Bogado 3 7.91
8 Emilia Attías Lucas Tortorici 2 7.88
9 Tito Speranza Nadia Hair 7 6.40

Semifinalists' ranks[edit]

Rank Celebrity Professional partner Season Average score
1 Noelia Pompa Facundo Mazzei 9 8.76
2 Valeria Archimó Juan Leandro Nimo 5 8.71
3 Florencia de la V Martín Iglesias 4 8.65
3 Silvina Escudero Nicolás Scillama 6 8.65
4 Liz Solari Daniel Meza Sánchez 4 8.49
5 Laura Fidalgo Gustavo Rojas 3 8.44
5 Vanina Escudero Pier Fritzsche 6 8.44
6 Florencia Peña Nicolás Scillama 8 8.10
7 Miguel Ángel Cherutti Emilia Almada 1 8.02
8 Peter Alfonso Paula Chaves 8 7.93
9 Jésica Cirio Marcelo Petrín 1 7.82
10 Ximena Capristo Guido de Paoli 3 7.62
11 Paula Chaves Pablo Juin 7 7.51
12 María Fernanda Callejón Rodrigo Escobar 5 7.47
13 Jésica Cirio Juan Carlos Acosta 9 7.43
14 Moria Casán Leonardo Piccinato 2 7.41
15 María Eugenia Ritó Darío Díaz 2 7.29
16 Coki Ramírez Juan Leandro Nimo 7 6.89

Last-place couples' average ranks[edit]

Rank Celebrity Professional partner Season Average score
1 Rocío Marengo Leonardo Piccinato 7 6.20
2 Matías Santoianni Nathalia Rodríguez 1 6.00
3 Natacha Jaitt Cristian Falcón 5 5.50
4 Pablo Alarcón Viviana Pérez 2 5.00
5 Vitto Saravia Gonzalo Gerber 9 4.75
6 Miguel Piñera Ana Laura López 6 4.60
7 Leandro Penna Macarena Rinaldi 8 4.00
8 Alejandra Pradón Nicolás Avoletta 3 3.75
9 Gladys Florimonte Maximiliano D'Iorio 10 3.60
10 Silvia Süller Fernando Ragnini 4 3.50

Dance styles per season[edit]

A total of 55 different dance styles have been performed throughout the seasons. The show features ballroom dances, as well as contemporary dancing, Latin styles and special designed performances like dancing in the rain, inside a giant sphere or in a rotating cube.

In season 7, a special dance style was featured as a tribute to Gilda and Rodrigo, two Argentine singers who died in tragic circumstances at early ages. In that round, the remaining couples danced to their music as in every other normal round.


     Not performed
Styles over the years
Dance Style Seasons
01 (2006) 02 (2006) 03 (2006) 04 (2007) 05 (2008) 06 (2010) 07 (2011) 08 (2012) 09 (2014) 10 (2015) 11 (2016)
Adagio from telenovelas
Arabic music
Argentine rock
Beat music
Children's music
Dance improvisation
Dancing in the rain
Dancing in the snow
Electro dance
Femme style
Folk music
Latin adagio
Latin pop
Music from movies
Music videos
Pole dance
Rock and roll
Rotating room
Rumba flamenca
Street pop
Strip dance


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