Car Crazy

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Car Crazy
Starring Barry Meguiar
Country of origin United States
Running time 30 minutes
Original network Speed Channel, Velocity

Car Crazy is a Velocity Channel television series about automotive enthusiasts, hosted by Barry Meguiar, President and CEO of the Meguiar's car care product empire. Each episode features various interviews with automotive enthusiasts, which Barry refers as 'car guys'. Some episodes also feature Meguiar's Award.

In each episode, Barry expresses the joys of being a "car guy" in missionary fashion. On various occasions, Barry has claimed that his "car hobby" is a form of incurable disease, and it is his job to spread this 'disease' to all over the world. Barry claims the 'disease' is also genetically inherited.

Many Car Crazy Trivia answers use Wikipedia as an information source, making it one of the first television shows that openly credits Wikipedia, rather than questioning Wikipedia's accuracy.[citation needed]


Car Crazy is also available in radio channels as Car Crazy Radio. Past episodes can also be found on the Car Crazy Central web site.

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