Caravan Tonight

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Caravan Tonight
Steven Grossman 'Caravan Tonight' album front cover.jpg
Studio album by Steven Grossman
Released 1974
Recorded December 1973 7 January 1974 at Sound Ideas Studios N.Y.C
Genre Folk rock
Label Mercury
Producer Bobby Flax & Lanny Lambert for Very Very Productions LTD

Caravan Tonight is the first album by American singer-songwriter Steven Grossman. Released in 1974, it was the first album dealing with openly gay themes and subject matter within its lyrics to be released on a major label (Mercury Records).[1] At the time of its release, Stephen Holden in Rolling Stone described it as, "...staggering, its appeal to the finest human values universal."[2] Grossman himself said of the album, "The songs on the album came from a time when I was flipping out. Really confused... But for the first time I could write about what I felt not what I thought other people wanted to hear."[3]

Track listing[edit]

Side one
  1. Caravan Tonight
  2. Out
  3. Five O'Clock Song
  4. Christopher's Blues
  5. Song to Bonnie
  6. Song to That M&M Man
Side two
  1. You Don't Have to Be Ashamed
  2. Many Kinds of Love
  3. Can't...Papa Blues
  4. Circle Nine Times
  5. Dry Dock Dreaming


  • Acoustic guitar and vocals – Steven Grossman
  • Acoustic lead and electric guitar – Vinny Fuccella
  • Bass – Andy Munson
  • Drums – Jimmy Young
  • Keyboards and recorder – Chris Dedrick
  • Congas and percussion – George Devens
  • Mandolin, banjo, pedal steel guitar – Eric Weissberg
  • Background vocals – Steven, Bobby, Lanny and the Free Design
  • Horns and strings arranged and conducted by Chris Dedrick

External links[edit]

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