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Industry Internet, Poker
Founded United States (January 2005 (2005-01))
Founder Taylor Caby
Andrew Wiggins
Headquarters Chicago, IL, United States
Area served
Products Poker training videos, Poker coaching
Website [1]

CardRunners (also "Card Runners" and "Cardrunners"[1]) is an instructional poker site developed by Taylor Caby.[1] CardRunners charges members a monthly fee for access to their catalog of poker instructional videos and private poker strategy forums.[1] As of April 2008, CardRunners had over 10,000 subscribers and in 2007 the company took in more than $3,000,000 in revenue.[2]


CardRunners was founded in 2005 largely as a response to growth of interest in internet poker due to the Moneymaker Effect. Caby and Wiggins, two college friends and big winners on the Ultimate Bet poker site, would film their screen while playing online and narrate their thought process. They then sold access to those videos to subscribers.

In April 2008, Lee Jones left his position with the European Poker Tour (EPT) to join CardRunners as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). Prior to his work for the EPT Jones was the Poker Room Manager for PokerStars.[3] Jones later left CardRunners to become the poker room manager for CakePoker.

In 2008, CardRunners merged with, founded by Nick 'Stoxtrader' Grudzien, to form Cardrunners/StoxPoker. In March 2010, Grudzien was forced out of the company after a multi-accounting and collusion scandal that broke on the 2+2 forums. The StoxPoker brand was subsequently put to rest, and the website was merged into[4]

Relationship with Full Tilt Poker[edit]

In 2008, CardRunners partnered with Full Tilt Poker and several members of 'Team CardRunners' became Full Tilt Poker 'Red Pro's' including Caby, Townsend, David Benefield, Brian Hastings and Cole South. In the same year CardRunners acquired rival instructional video site the combined companies became one of the leaders in the industry of poker instructional video websites.

After a multi-accounting scandal involving StoxPoker founder Nick “Stoxtrader” Grudzien, CardRunners decided to close StoxPoker. Several instructors left to competing site [5]


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