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Scolari at the Wikimania 2015 conference

Carlos Alberto Scolari (born 1963 Rosario, Argentina) is a communication researcher expert in digital media, interfaces and communication ecology. Building on the tradition of the theories of mass media, since 1990, he has been dedicated to studying new forms of communication arising from the spread of the World Wide Web.


He has taught at the National University of Rosario, the University of Vic from 2002 to 2009, the Pompeu Fabra University from 2010 to 2014, and the Università Cattolica di Milano.[1]

He has been visiting professor, lecturer and organizer of workshops at universities in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, United States, Canada, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, UK, France, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Austria and Estonia.[2]

Its most outstanding scientific contributions have been in the semiotics of interfaces and interaction processes, where has integrated Umberto Eco semiotic models and Algirdas Greimas with cognitive contributions of Donald Norman, Marvin Minsky and Francisco Varela and theories of interactive digital media, where its main references are Jesus Martin-Barbero, Alejandro Piscitelli, Marshall McLuhan, Robert K. Logan or Lev Manovich. In recent years he has taken up the study of speech television and transmedia narratives in the theoretical context of media ecology (Media Ecology).

He has lived in Europe since 1990, and currently resides in Spain.


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