Carlos Libedinsky

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Carlos Libedinsky
OriginBuenos Aires, Argentina
GenresTango, Electronica, Experimental
Years active2001-present
Associated actsNarcotango

Carlos Libedinsky is an Argentine musician, composer and, producer. Born in 1961, he is most renowned for his neo-tango project, Narcotango.

Before tango, Libedinsky transited through different genres, such as rock, pop, blues, medieval, and renaissance music. In 1992, he founded the duet Los Mareados, where he was also a composer.

Since 1986, he has been the director of Tademus, a music school in Buenos Aires.

As Narcotango, he made European tours in 2003, 2005, and 2007.

The Narcotango band consists of the following members:

Carlos Libedinsky, on bandoneón
Mariano Castro, on keyboard and samplers
Marcelo Toth, on guitar
Fernando del Castillo, on drums/ percussion
Juan Pablo Maicas, on bass


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