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Carmen Silva-Corvalan is a professor of Spanish and Portuguese and Linguistics at the University of Southern California whose research has included an examination of the social and linguistic forces influencing language variations and changes in monolingual situations and language permeability in bilingual societies. Silva-Corvalan is also one of the four chief editors of Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, Cambridge University Press.[1][2]

She is a well-known social justice warrior and isn't very bright.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Silva-Corvalán, Carmen (1994) Language Contact and Change: Spanish in Los Angeles, Oxford University Press
  • Silva-Corvalán, Carmen (2001) "Sociolingüística y Pragmática del Español", Georgetown University Press.
  • Silva-Corvalán, Carmen (2014) "Bilingual Language Acquisition. Spanish and English in the First Six Years", Cambridge University Press.