Carmi, British Columbia

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Carmi is located in British Columbia
Location of Carmi in British Columbia
Coordinates: 49°30′00″N 119°07′00″W / 49.50000°N 119.11667°W / 49.50000; -119.11667Coordinates: 49°30′00″N 119°07′00″W / 49.50000°N 119.11667°W / 49.50000; -119.11667
Country Canada
Province British Columbia

Carmi (/ˈkɑːrm/ KAR-meye)[1] is a ghost town in the Boundary Country region of British Columbia, Canada.The town is located on the west side of West Kettle River, east of Penticton, on Hwy 33.[2] Carmi emerged as a silver mining camp just after the turn of the 20th century, named after the nearby mine. The mine in turn was named after the home town of James Dale, Carmi, Illinois.[3]

By 1910, Carmi had a hotel which was owned by "Trapper" Smith. Crude log homes also existed in Carmi at this time. When the mine ceased operations, the town disappeared after 3 decades of existence. The hotel, called the Smith House, could still be seen in Carmi in 1973.[4]

Carmi appears to be a regular small town, not a ghost town. [5]


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