Carnivale De Robotique

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Carnivale De Robotique
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Publication information
PublisherSouth Fellini
Publication date2010
Creative team
Created byTony Trov
Johnny Zito
Mark A. Fionda Jr.
Written byTony Trov
Johnny Zito
Artist(s)Mark A. Fionda Jr.

Carnivale De Robotique is a comic from South Fellini, created by Johnny Zito and Tony Trov, illustrated by Mark A. Fionda Jr.. The comic was created as limited edition comic for 2009's Indy Skip Week. With such a great demand for the series, it was expanded into a four book miniseries for Comixology.[1]


Wendy is a rebellious Nanny Droid who runs away to be a ballerina in the robot circus. At the amazing fairground of electronic delights, she finds love and adventure among other special robots who don't fit in with society. Along with Pagliacci the robo-clown, The acrobatic Gazpacho Bros. and daredevil Remington Thunder the world famous Carnivale De Robotique is a three ringed love story that explodes into a universal adventure under the big top.[2][3]


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