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Carole Corbeil (1952–2000)[1] was a Canadian arts critic and novelist. Born in Montreal to Québécois parents, her writing was often informed by the cultural displacement, and the subsequent sense of dual belonging, that she experienced when her parents divorced and her mother remarried to an anglophone man.

Originally known as an arts writer for The Globe and Mail in the 1980s, she published her debut novel Voice-Over in 1992. Voice-Over was a shortlisted nominee for the Books in Canada First Novel Award in 1992, and was a co-winner with David Donnell's China Blues of the Toronto Book Award in 1993. She published her second novel, In the Wings, in 1998.

Corbeil was married to actor Layne Coleman.[2] Their daughter, Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman, would later become an actor and playwright.[2]

Corbeil died in Toronto in 2000 of cancer.[1]


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