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Carole R. Fontaine (born 1950[1]) is an internationally recognized American biblical scholar. She is the John Taylor professor of biblical theology and history at the Andover Newton Theological School and feminist author of 6 books and over 100 articles, in addition to serving on several Editorial Boards (including the Journal of Biblical Literature, the Catholic Biblical Quarterly, and the World Book Encyclopedia). She has written extensively on feminist theological topics, including disability, and is an expert in wisdom traditions and women in the ancient Near East.

A long time Human Rights defender, she has served extensively on governing boards of Women’s Human Rights NGOs that study the impact of religion on women’s status, rights, and freedom, especially in Muslim theocracies. A collection of her own poetry, Only When Women Sing: Poems on Human Rights was published in 2009.

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Media Appearances

Other media credits: BBC; C-Span; Discovery Channel; National Geographic; the Arts & Entertainment Networks; and Persian Satellite Network (broadcasts into Iran and Iraq).


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