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Caroline Moser is an academic specialising in social policy and urban social anthropology. She is primarily famous for her field-based approach to research on the informal sector generally - but particularly aspects such as poverty, violence, asset vulnerability and strategies for accumulation in the urban setting. Gender analysis is central to her approach. She has looked at many countries but the Americas have been her main interest. Countries studied closely include Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala and Jamaica.[1]

She has also researched community participation, looking at the social dimensions of economic reform, the role of human rights, social protection and responses of the urban environment to climate change.[1]


Prof Moser has a Ph.D. from Sussex University, (1975) a Post Graduate Diploma from Manchester University (1968) and a BA from Durham University (1967).[2]


Her career has included time at University College London (1978–1986); London School of Economics (1986–1990); the World Bank (1990–2000); the Overseas Development Institute (2001–2002); The New School (New York)(2002–2003) Brookings Institution (2004–2007) and the University of Manchester (2007–present).[1] She currently works as a lecturer and research practitioner in the Global Urban Research Centre within the University of Manchester.

Moser developed the Moser Gender Planning Framework, a tool for gender analysis in development planning. The goal is to free women from subordination and allow them to achieve equality, equity and empowerment. The framework defines six tools for systematically analyzing requirements and developing plans.[3]


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