Carry Me Home (Love Kills EP)

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Carry Me Home (EP)
Carry me home front.jpg
EP by Love Kills
Released May, 2007
Genre Alternative, shoegaze
Length 20:49
Label Indie
Producer P. Rijd
Love Kills chronology
Teenage Girls (EP)
Carry Me Home (EP)

Carry Me Home (EP) is the third EP recording by Toronto indie rock band Love Kills. Released May 2007 (independent), the EP's 6 songs are unique in that they are all accompanied by scored cello duets, attempting to mesh with the band's usual fuzz and feedback palette.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Suicide - 3:37
  2. Carry Me Home - 3:44
  3. It's Leaving Me Down - 2:41
  4. Now Caroline - 3:40
  5. Let It Roll - 2:28
  6. Give Me Something I Can Love - 4:34

(all songs by Pat Rijd)



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