Carvings (Indiana State Library)

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Carvings (Indiana State Library)
Artist Leon Hermant
Year 1934
Type Limestone
Dimensions 200 cm × 200 cm × 13 cm (80 in × 80 in × 5 in)
Location Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Coordinates 39°46′11″N 86°9′49″W / 39.76972°N 86.16361°W / 39.76972; -86.16361
Owner Indiana State Library

Carvings (Indiana State Library), is a series of bas-relief limestone panels decorating the facade of the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. The reliefs were designed by artist Leon Hermant and carved by German sculptor Adolph Wolter in 1934. The panels on the east facade are approximately 80 × 80 × 5 inches, the low panels on the east facade are approximately 18 × 18 × 1½ inches and the classical figures are each approximately three feet by two feet by three inches. The library building was dedicated Dec. 7, 1934.[1]


The Indiana State Library Carvings are a series of bas-relief limestone panels. Located beneath the cornice line on the east side of the building, ten square relief panels depict the founding and growth of the state of Indiana. The first panel, "the Explorer," illustrates La Salle at portage between the St. Joseph and Kanakakee Rivers. The next panel, "the Soldier," shows George Rogers Clark and the capture of Vincennes. The next panel depicts the Pioneer followed by a panel depicting the Farmer. Next is a panel depicting the Legislator and the signing of the state constitution; followed by panels of the Miner, the Builder, the Manufacturer, the Educator and the Aspiring Student. Above the ground floor windows, a second set of eight relief panels depict an Indian with a peace pipe, the Trapper, the Priest, the Pioneer, the Plainsman, Invention (a movie camera), Transportation (an airplane) and Arts (an artist with brushes and pencils).

On the south side of the building, individual figures represent: Science, History, Invention and Religion. Figures on the north side represent: Philosophy, Art, Charity and Justice. Above the building's entrance is an owl holding a book open with its proper left claw. On each side of the entrance is a seated female classical figure sitting back to back, each writing on a tablet with her proper right hand.[1]



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