Casa del Moral

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Coordinates: 16°23′49″S 71°32′16″W / 16.39694°S 71.53778°W / -16.39694; -71.53778

Outside view of Casa del Moral

The "Casa del Moral" (House of the Moral) is a large ancestral house built around 1730 in Arequipa, Peru. Favored by tourists, it is one of the best and well-preserved samples of baroque-mestizo civil architecture in Peru. The name of the house derives from the emblematic presence of a centennial tree of "moras" (Mulberry) in the center of the main patio of the large house.

The Casa del Moral houses a collection of paintings from the "Escuela Cusqueña" (Cusco School), a colonial art form. Its library contains more than 3,000 volumes, primarily hispanic literature. The recent restoration of the house was with the help of the Consul of England in Arequipa; the house is currently the property of the Peruvian bank Bancosur.

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