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San Pablo Casacuarán is a small town located in the southern region of the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. Commonly known just as Casacuarán, it stands on the road connecting the cities of Yuriria, Santiago Maravatio and Salvatierra. Every January the town has a celebration of San Pablo on January 25. The celebration goes from January 18–25 with a huge procession down main street from the top to the bottom of the town at the very end of the feast on the 25th. The celebration consists of folkloric dance presentations and many shows and award ceremonies. Theres is also a huge carnival that goes one for the days of the fiesta, on the last two days of the celebration there are jaripeos (rodeos) to bring a crowd.


According to the town sign located at the entrance of Casacuarán, there are approximately 3,000 people inhabiting the town. However, a census conducted in the year 2000 shows there is a population of 3,398.[1]


Coordinates: 20°11′57″N 101°2′28″W / 20.19917°N 101.04111°W / 20.19917; -101.04111

Notes and references[edit]

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