Cash Is King (TV series)

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Cash Is King
Genre Dramedy
Written by Ella Chan
Starring Chin Han
Michelle Yim
Kit Chan
Darren Lim
Adam Chen
Xia Chuan
Opening theme 握住我的手 by Liang Wern Fook, sung by Kit Chan
Country of origin Singapore
Hong Kong
Original language(s) Chinese
No. of episodes 40
Running time approx. 45 minutes
Original network Channel U (Singapore)
aTV (Hong Kong)
Original release 2004
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Cash Is King (勝券在握) is a 40-episode drama produced by Hong Kong (aTV) and Singapore (SPH MediaWorks). It was completely filmed in Singapore and aired in 2002.[1] The series title refers to the term "cash is king" and the story centers on how the characters are each affected by stock market crisis, most likely a reference to the financial aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

The series was re-run in 2007, and again in early 2010 on Mediacorp Channel 8.


Is cash really king? The plot revolves around the Qi family, the Tao family and those associated with them. As each of them go through life, they discover in their own way that having lots of money cannot always buy true happiness.


Qi family[edit]

Actor Character Description
Ong Xiu Ping Xian Yanzhu 冼燕珠 Qi Ren and Qi Xiao's stepmother
Chin Han Qi Ren 齐仁 Eldest son of the family
Yanzhu's stepson
TV host
Michelle Yim Liang Bingbing 梁冰冰 Qi Ren's wife
Guanghui's mother
Had an affair and left the Qi family
Darren Lim Qi Xiao 齐孝 Second son
Qi Ren's younger brother
Bryan Wong Qi Lai 齐莱 Yanzhu's son
Zhu Jun'en (younger) Qi Guanghui 齐光辉 Qi Ren and Bingbing's son
University economics student
Later Ding Xiaoyi's lover
Adam Chen (older)

Tao family[edit]

Actor Character Description
Xia Chuan Tao Dafu 陶大富 Company CEO
Has 3 wives
Ix Shen Tao An 陶安 Son of Tao Dafu and his second wife
Wallis Pang Tao Sisi 陶思思 Tao An's younger sister
Tang Guosen's girlfriend
Wang Yuqing Peter Shen 沈彼得 Tao Dafu's first brother-in-law

Other characters[edit]

Actor Character Description
Kit Chan Huang Jinhao 黃金好 Qi Ren's assistant at the TV station
Huang Fen's daughter
Tammy Chow Huang Fen 黃芬 Tao Dafu's nurse
Had an affair with Tao Dafu
Jinhao is their illegitimate daughter
Marco Lo Hing-Fai Deng Shiqin 邓世勤 Stockbroker hired by Tao An
Later falls in love with Tao Sisi
Cecilia Lai Su Meiqing 苏美卿
Shirley Yee Qiu Xiaoling 邱少玲 Stockbroker
Chan Fu Ning Tang Guosen 唐国森 Economics graduate from Harvard University
Tao Sisi's boyfriend
Jeanette Aw Ding Xiaoyi 丁小一 Reporter
Jinhao's friend
Later Qi Guanghui's lover
Erica Lee Gao Meijun 高美君 Jinhao's classmate
Dai Chin-Kwok Mo Taijin 莫泰瑾 A dentist


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