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The Castlefield Forum is a non-profit organisation supported by the voluntary work of residents of Castlefield in Manchester, England.

The Forum was formed as a side effect of resident opposition to the proposed development of Jacksons Wharf (now rejected).[1]

Initially the forum was formed as just an interface between the City Council and residents and local businesses. Ensuring that the City Council understood the priorities of residents and local businesses.[2] Since then, the forum has developed to become more proactive by successfully obtaining a number of cash grants from the City Council for improvements in the area. These include securing funding for an upgrade to the information boards scattered about the area and the addition of new boards with extended information; improvements to the green public spaces; landscaping of the Roman gardens next to the arena and other upcoming projects.[3]

The Forum is an organisation open to anyone who lives, works or has an interest in Castlefield.


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