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Catalyst Arts

Catalyst Arts a non-profit artist led organisation based in Belfast city centre.

Catalyst Arts was formed in 1993[1] in response to what was seen as a cultural vacuum. In accordance with its constitution it is run by unpaid volunteers, and seeks to adopt a poly-vocal strategy towards the promotion of contemporary art practices by large selection of artists and projects from the widest possible range of disciplines[2]

Catalyst has strong links with the University of Ulster. Catalyst Arts has shown works of David Shrigley, Ross Sinclair, Susan Phillipz, Phil Collins, Michelle D Hannah, Roddy Buchanan, Simon Starling, Bill Drummond to name a few, and has turned the gallery into a sauna with Joanna Karolini.

Catalyst Arts was envisioned as an agency that would act as a 'catalyst' cajoling, supporting and promoting culturally engaged artistic endeavours on a local, national and international basis[3]

Catalyst Arts was founded on a constitution that provides a structure in which power flows from the roots of its membership to the committee of directors. Catalyst Arts boasts an archive of over 2000 unique documents of Northern Irish art history, which it is currently preparing to make publicly accessible. Catalyst Arts has also organised projects internationally.[4]


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