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Catarina Hurtig
Born Anna Catarina Helena Hurtig
(1975-03-02)2 March 1975

Catarina Hurtig (born 2 March 1975) is a Swedish journalist and author and participant in the TV-show I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!. She is known for her reporting on the royal families of Europe.[1]

Catarina lives close to the Royal Stables in Östermalm in Stockholm with her son.


In 2009 Catarina Hurtig started a media war being the first to publish the news on her blog "Ladylike" that Prince Carl Philip had split up with his former girlfriend.

Catarina Hurtig was the host of the TV-show Royally, shown during the spring 2005. She started as a royal reporter in 1999 and has followed the royalties ever since. She has been a guest at several royal weddings and travelled with Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden to countries like Uganda, Ethiopia, Lithuania and Japan and accompanied her to the Emperor of Japan in the Akasaka palace in Tokyo, and participied in the King and Queen of Sweden's state visits to the King and Queen of Thailand as well as to the Sultan of Brunei.

She has interviewed Albert II, Prince of Monaco and Ari Behn, husband of Märtha Louise, Princess of Norway, several of the European princesses. She is seen in TV-shows around Europe, German RTL and Dutch RTL Boulevard and Blauw Bloed (Blue Blood).

Catarina Hurtig is the author of the books The Royal Year and Princesses, portraiting ten princesses of Europe.


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