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The Peoples Watchdog.. .......Are people who actively seek out truth behind lies. They are people who don't just accept the authority as truth. Conspiracy Theorists' accept Truth as Authority. Articles related to conspiracy theorists. For purposes of article inclusion, this category specifically only includes articles where the subject is mentioned in their article as actively promoting one of the conspiracy theories listed in the articles under Category:Conspiracy theories. For example, the article Area 51 appears under Category:Conspiracy theories (C:CT), so anyone who actively promotes conspiracy theories mentioned in that article would be classified here as a Conspiracy theorist. Theories without corresponding C:CT articles will not count for inclusion here. Mainstream media has made theorists' the bad guys by implying it's all just paranoia and what have you. They even go as far as to publicly state ,"The Theorists are going to say...." and it's usually something that is crazy. Conspiracy theorist can rightfully be called what they really are, The People's Watchdog


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