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The Leavitt family of Hingham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, is an American family which descends from deacon John Leavitt (1608-1691), an English Puritan tailor who settled first at Dorchester (Boston), and later at Hingham, where he served as founding deacon of Old Ship Church, a Puritan meetinghouse that is the oldest church in continuous ecclesiastical use in America. From deacon John descended a long line of Leavitts, in different states, who were prominent in many fields, including the ministry, business, the arts, astronomy, government, architecture, education, publishing, social reform and others. Descendants of deacon John founded Leavittsburg, Ohio, Leavitt, California, and Leavitt, Alberta, Canada. California's Leavitt Peak, as well as Leavitt Crater on the moon, and the asteroid 5383 Leavitt are named for members of the family.