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Mythological giants vs. people with gigantism[edit]

I'm noticing a lot of overlapping terminology between the two categories. Two examples: Category:English giants currently contains both legendary (Cormoran, Jack-in-Irons) and historical/medical (John Middleton (giant)), while the similarly named Category:Irish giants only contains a person with gigantism (Charles Byrne (giant)). How do we want to go about untangling and disambiguating these two categories? For my part, I think the best approach would be to use "___ giants" (Norse giants, English giants, Greek giants) for subcategories of the legendary/mythological giant, and "___ people with gigantism" (English people with gigantism, Irish people with gigantism) for subcategories of the medical condition.

Going back to the to examples: John Middleton would be removed from Category:English giants and Charles Byrne from Category:Irish giants (they're already in the root Category:People with gigantism anyway), Category:Irish giants would be removed from Category:People with gigantism and Category:Irish people, placed in Category:Giants and Category:Irish legendary creatures, and populated with legendary giants (Category:Fomorians could be moved into it, for a start). Category:People with gigantism doesn't seem to be populated enough to warrant subcategories, but if it ever does get to that state, John Middleton could be moved to Category:English people with gigantism and Charles Byrne to Category:Irish people with gigantism.

Does this seem like a reasonable way to go about cleaning things up? Pfhreak (talk) 16:18, 29 August 2010 (UTC)