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Metalogic vs Mathematical Logic[edit]

The way the definition of this category is worded: The basic objects of study in metalogic are formal languages, formal systems, and their interpretations. The study of interpretation of formal systems is the branch of mathematical logic known as model theory, while the study of deductive apparatus is the branch known as proof theory does indeed make the category subsumable by Mathematical Logic; that is, its topics and subcategories are defined precisely as the topics and subcategories of mathematical logic. The destinction may be mostly pedagogical, but the assumptions of logic, axioms and rules of inference, are justified not by logic but by metalogic, with appeals to epistemology, theory of knowledge, theory of mind, and theory of language. So I think some reference to those subjects in the discription of this category might help at least in justifying it; metametalogic :-) Pete St.John (talk) 18:40, 22 January 2008 (UTC)