Chains (1949 film)

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Catene (1949 film).jpg
Directed by Raffaello Matarazzo
Produced by Goffredo Lombardo
Raffaello Matarazzo
Written by Libero Bovio
Gaspare Di Maio
Nicola Manzari
Aldo De Benedetti
Starring Amedeo Nazzari
Yvonne Sanson
Music by Gino Campese
Cinematography Carlo Montuori
Edited by Mario Serandrei
Labor Film
Distributed by Titanus Distribuzione
Release date
29 October 1949
Running time
90 min
Country Italy
Language Italian

Catene (internationally released as Chains) is a 1949 Italian film in the melodrama genre directed by Raffaello Matarazzo . It had an impressive commercial success, being seen by 6 million people, one in eight Italians of the time,[1] and was followed by a series of six other successful films directed by Matarazzo and featuring the couple Amedeo Nazzari and Yvonne Sanson.[2][3] The film was remade in 1974.

The film's sets were designed by the art director Ottavio Scotti. The film features in cinema paradiso.

Plot and outline[edit]

A husband kills his wife's ex-boyfriend, who was blackmailing her. He flees to America, but is sent back to Italy to stand trial. The only way he can be set free is if his wife confesses to adultery – so the murder can be considered a crime of passion – but this estranges her from her family. Starring Amedeo Nazzari and actress of Greek origin Yvonne Sanson. Maligned by critics because it did not conform to precepts of neorealism,[3] this did not prevent its unexpected box office success.



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