Cathedral of St. Mary and St. John

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Cathedral of St. Mary and St. John
National Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St. Mary and St. John[1]
Episcopalian Cathedral of Saint Mary & Saint John.jpg
14°37′19″N 121°1′21″E / 14.62194°N 121.02250°E / 14.62194; 121.02250Coordinates: 14°37′19″N 121°1′21″E / 14.62194°N 121.02250°E / 14.62194; 121.02250
LocationCathedral Heights, Quezon City
StatusNational Cathedral
Founded1903 (1903)
DedicationMary, mother of Jesus
John the Apostle
ConsecratedFebruary 9, 1962 (present church building)
Functional statusActive
GroundbreakingJanuary 25, 1905 (old building)
Completed1907 (old building)

The Cathedral of St. Mary and St. John is an Anglican church in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines. It serves as the National Cathedral of the Episcopal Church in the Philippines.[2]

It was established by Bishop Charles Henry Brent from the then Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America initially catering to American and European expatriates in the Philippines. It later also served Filipinos.[2] The groundbreaking of the original church building in Manila situated near Isaac Peral Street was made in January 25, 1905.[1] The construction finished in 1907. The building funded through donations costed at least $120 thousand.[3]

The building was seized by the Japanese in July 8, 1944 during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines amidst World War II and was used as an internment camp.[1] It was destroyed during the Battle of Manila of 1945. The Manila Pavilion Hotel currently occupies the old site.[3]

Bishop Lyman C. Ogilby held talks with John Van Wei Bergamini, the veteran architect of the Episcopal Church throughout the Far East in 1954 in America which led to the construction of the structure currently occupied by the cathedral which was consecrated on February 9, 1962.[1]


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