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For The Apprentice (UK) candidate, see Katie Hopkins

Cathy Hopkins (born in Manchester) is an English novelist, well known for her teenage books Mates, Dates series.

Early life[edit]

Hopkins was born in Manchester, but lived in Kenya from the age of five until she was eleven and her family returned to England.She also sang with a rock and roll band named Driving Rock and the Rockettes, which toured local colleges and universities as the warm-up band to groups such as Wizard and The Average White Band. Her late father wrote under the name Billy Hopkins. His titles include Our Kid, Kate's Story, High Hopes, Going Places, Anything Goes, Whatever Next, Tommy's World and Big Mama.[1]


Hopkins started writing books in 1987, collaborating with cartoonist Gray Jolliffe on a series of humour books.[2] She has had over 60 books published, many in 33 different countries, including the Mates, Dates series, the Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise series, the Cinnamon Girl series (published by Piccadilly Press) and the Zodiac Girls series (published by Kingfisher/Macmillan Publishers) and the Million Dollar Mates series published by Simon and Schuster. She also wrote four stand alone novels for teenagers which are Holy Moley, I'm a Dead Dude for Chickenhouse, Playlist for a Broken Heart and Love At Second Sight and A Home for Shimmer for Simon and Schuster. More recently, Cathy started writing for the older market and her first novel for adults is to published in March 2017 by Harpercollins and is called The Kicking the Bucket List. She is currently working on a second title for Harpercollins to be published 2018.

Cathy Hopkins was shortlisted for the Queen of Teen award in 2010.[3]

Mates, Dates series[edit]

  • Mates, Dates and Inflatable Bras (2001)
  • Mates, Dates and Cosmic Kisses (2001)
  • Mates, Dates and Portobello Princesses (US title Mates, Dates, and Designer Divas) (2001)
  • Mates, Dates and Sleepover Secrets (2002)
  • Mates, Dates and Sole Survivors (2002)
  • Mates, Dates and Mad Mistakes (2003)
  • Mates, Dates and Pulling Power (US title Mates, Dates, and Sequin Smiles) (2003)
  • Mates, Dates and Tempting Trouble (2004)
  • Mates, Dates and Great Escapes (2004)
  • Mates, Dates and Chocolate Cheats (2005)
  • Mates, Dates and Diamond Destiny (2005)
  • Mates, Dates and Sizzling Summers (2007)
  • Mates, Dates and Saving the Planet (2008)
  • Mates, Dates and Flirting (2008)
  • Mates, Dates: The Secret Story (2009)
  • The Mates, Dates Guide to Life, Love and Looking Luscious (2005)

3-in-1 books[edit]

  • Mates, Dates Utterly Fabulous (books 1 - 3) (2008)
  • Mates, Dates Perfectly Divine (books 4 - 6) (2008)
  • Mates, Dates Absolutely Amazing (books 7-9) (2009)
  • Mates, Dates Strictly Gorgeous (books 10-12) (Releases in June 2010)

Truth, Dare, Kiss or Promise series[edit]

  • White Lies and Barefaced Truths (2002)
  • Pop Princess (2002)
  • Teen Queens and Has-Beens (2003)
  • Double Dare (2004)
  • Starstruck (2005)
  • Midsummer Meltdown (2005)
  • Love Lottery (2006)
  • All Mates Together (2006)

Cinnamon Girl series[edit]

  • This Way to Paradise (2007)
  • Starting Over (2007)
  • Looking for a Hero (2008)
  • Expecting to Fly (2009)

Zodiac Girl series[edit]

  • From Geek to Goddess (2007) Gemini
  • Recipe for Rebellion (2007) Sagittarius
  • Discount Diva (2007) Taurus
  • Brat Princess (2007) Leo
  • Star Child (2008) Virgo
  • Double Trouble(2009) Scorpio
  • Dancing Queen (2009) Aries
  • Bridesmaids' Club (2009) Libra

Published by Simon and Schuster

  • Million Dollar Mates series
  • Playlist for a Broken Heart
  • Love at Second Sight
  • A Home for Shimmer


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Published by Harpercollins in 2017 The Kicking the Bucket List.

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