Cause Co-Motion!

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Cause Co-Motion!
Origin Brooklyn, New York
Genres Indie rock, post-punk, lo-fi
Years active 2005–2010
Labels Various
Members Vocalist/guitarist Arno, lead guitarist Alex, drummer Jock and bass player Liam

Cause Co-Motion! were an indie/punk/post-punk band from Brooklyn, New York.


New York City quartet Cause Co-Motion! were formed in the mid-2000s by vocalist/guitarist Arno, lead guitarist Alex, drummer Jock and bass player Liam. The band's brand of high energy, lo-fi post-punk influenced pop owed much to bands like the Pastels, Television Personalities, and Wire, while managing to sound very of the moment and not in thrall to their influences. The group began recording and releasing a string of 7" singles for small labels like Can't Cope!, Cape Shok, and What's Your Rupture? as well as appearing on compilations, most notably the What's Your Rupture? label sampler alongside kindred spirits Comet Gain and Love Is All. In 2008, the group hooked up with Slumberland and released the I Lie Awake EP. The label followed soon after with the singles collection It's Time!, which rounded up 14 songs that served as an excellent introduction to the band.



Date Title Format B-Sides Label
2006 Only Fades Away 7" Split with Jowe Head and No Men
2007 Baby Don't Do It 7" EP 'This Just Won't Last', 'This Tie Next Year' and 'Take a Look'
2007 Which Way Is Up 7" EP Falling Again
2008 Who's Gonna Care 7" EP 'Don't You Know?', 'Say What You Feel' and 'When Will It Finally End?'
2008 I Lie Awake 7" EP 'You Don't Say' and 'Cry For Attention' Slumberland
2009 Because Because Because 12" EP 'Leave It All', 'You Lose', etc. Slumberland


Year Album information Chart positions
2008 It's Time! - Singles & EP's, 2005-08
  • 1st Compilation album
  • Released: October 2008
  • Label: Slumberland


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