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The shore of Ceardach

Ceardach is a small island in Loch Lomond, in west central Scotland. The island lies east of Bucinch and north of Inchcruin. The name "Ceardach" means a smithy.[1]


Ceardach may have been the site of an Iron Age bloomery or furnace for smelting iron ore.[1]

Along with neighbour, Bucinch, the island, was donated to the National Trust for Scotland by Col Charles L Spencer of Warmanbie, Dumfries, in 1943.[2]


A large variety of trees and other plants grow on the island, from seeds brought by birds, wind and water. There is a mature if stunted oak tree, willow, holly, briar and bramble.[1]


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Coordinates: 56°5′32″N 4°35′13″W / 56.09222°N 4.58694°W / 56.09222; -4.58694