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Celia Larkin, also known as Cecilia Larkin, is a former Irish civil servant and was the partner of then Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) Bertie Ahern. Now she is a high profile External Affairs Manager for Thames Water in London.

Relationship with Bertie Ahern[edit]

Their relationship ended in April 2003. Ahern is separated, though not divorced, from his wife. There was some controversy in the media at Ahern's public presentation of his partner. No other European Heads of Government have similarly presented their partner at official engagements. Ahern was accused of hypocrisy in being associated with a woman other than his wife while being a practising Massgoer. The media discovered the couple had broken up when Larkin failed to co-host a diplomatic dinner for the visiting German Bundespräsident, although her name, along with that of the Taoiseach, was featured on the invitations.[1]

Larkin, during the period of her relationship with Ahern, regularly acted as his consort. She also occasionally engaged in civic functions in a private capacity. For example, she launched a high speed ferry, the M.V. Jonathan Swift for Irish Ferries.

Other activities[edit]

Since parting with Ahern, she has expanded her chain of beauty salons, and has appeared on Reality Television, in an RTÉ show The Restaurant, a more serene forerunner to the ITV series Hell's Kitchen.

In July 2005, Ms. Larkin was appointed to the board of the new National Consumer Agency, a Government funded consumer watchdog.[2]

As a mature student Larkin has graduated from the University of Limerick with a first class honors degree in Politics and International relations, graduating top of her class. She is currently pursuing a post graduate course in University College London.

She now (2016) works for Thames Water in their HQ at Reading as External Affairs Manager. She is known as Cecilia Larkin today.