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Céline Lomez (born 11 May 1953) is a Canadian actress and singer.

Lomez started her show business career singing French-Canadian pop songs with her sister Liette, and the two gained popularity after their performance at the Festival du Disque in Quebec in 1968. Liette went on to join a trio called Toulouse. Lomez, however, was soon offered a role in the Denis Héroux film Here and Now (L'Initiation) (1970). She was only 15 years old at the time.

She has also released two albums. One of her main hit songs was L'amour dans les rangs de coton (1974) a Louisiana zydeco-style ballad.

One of the finalists in casting for the television series "Charlie's Angels", but lost the role to Tanya Roberts because network decided Lomez was too sexy for prime time. [1979][citation needed] She was originally set to star as Brooke Parsons in the 1983 cult horror film Curtains, but was asked to leave after shooting several scenes by producer Peter R. Simpson. The character was then taken over by actress Linda Thorson.[1]

In 2004, Lomez published her autobiography, Pour quatorze dollars elles sont à vous? (ISBN 9782895620761).


  • Here and Now (L'Initiation) (1970)
  • Loving and Laughing (1971)
  • Apres-Ski (aka Sex in the Snow) (1971)
  • L'Apparition (1972)
  • Réjeanne Padovani (1973)
  • Pousse mais pousse égal (1974)
  • Gina (1975)
  • Stateline Motel (1975)
  • The Far Shore (1976)
  • The Silent Partner (1978)
  • Plague (1979)
  • The Spirit of Adventure: Night Flight (TV-1980)
  • The Ivory Ape (TV-1980)
  • Ça peut pas être l'hiver, on n'a même pas eu d'été (1980)
  • The Kiss (1988)
  • Charlotte et Léa (TV-1995)
  • Sorry Charlie (1996)
  • La vengeance de la femme en noir (1997)

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