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Celista is a small community located along the north shore of Shuswap Lake in British Columbia, Canada.

The local school is North Shuswap Elementary school, which has grades one to eight and has an annual enrollment of just over 100 students. In recent years the exploding tourism industry has taken over and the majority of the residences are now owned for summer use only. Local residents have notable self pride and most are employed by local cash crops ranging in species. Other notable establishments within the community include: Celista Hall (used to host local meetings as well as the "coffee house" (a display of local musical talent) throughout the year), Kokopelli Internet Cafe (a hotspot for internet and coffee open only in the summer boom), and the Sunnyside Supermarket (which provides locals with movie rentals and groceries as well as gasoline (majorly used by snowmobilers who destination is nearby crowfoot mountain)). Other businesses in the community include a mechanic shop, Naomi's Beads and Sun Beach water sports equipment. There is also a community skating rink during the winter on Meadow Creek Road.

The area also holds a variety of hiking and walking trails.

Name origin[edit]

The name is an adaptation of that of William Selesta, "the last of the Indian doctors", of the Neskonlith reserve, who died in 1948 near the age of 100. The name was originally applied to Celista Creek and used for the name of the settlement by one of its first residents.[1]

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Coordinates: 50°57′00″N 119°21′00″W / 50.95000°N 119.35000°W / 50.95000; -119.35000