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OriginMexico City, Mexico
Years active1994–present
LabelsOpción Sónica
Trisol Music Group
Matrix Cube
MembersClaus Bita
Past membersOmar Flo

Cenobita is an aggrotech/cyberpunk band based in Mexico City, created in 1994 by Claus Bita (programming, vocals and production) and former band member Omar Flo (vocals).


Drawing musical inspirations the electro-industrial sound of Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly, and conceptual inspiration from the 'cyberpunk' works of William Gibson. Alongside fellow Mexican act Hocico and a collection of other similar bands (working in a loose association known as 'Corporacion'), Cenobita spent the early years of their existence performing live and recording demos.

The early demos were met to a generally positive response, both in their homeland and around the world. They eventually recorded their debut studio effort 'Neo Millenio' in 1999, releasing it on the independent Mexican label Opcion Sonica. The band began to make inroads into the US market, though Omar Flo left the line-up in 2001, leaving Claus Bita as the sole member of the group. The Matrix Cube label issued their debut album in Europe during the same year, and Cenobita's first European tour followed the release of follow-up album 'Metamorphosis' in 2002.

Musical style[edit]

The lyrics are influenced by many cyberpunk themes and features, including novel Neuromancer by writer William Gibson, and daily life experiences in Mexico City. The music itself goes around the electronica/aggrotech sound, with pounding beats, complex harmony and noisy soundscapes. Vocals are mainly distorted.



  • Neo Milenio (1999, Opción Sónica, Release by Trisol Music Group in Europe in 2001)
  • Metamorfosis (2002, Trisol/Matrix Cube)


  • Cyberuality (1995 Demo Tape)
  • Visiones (1996 Demo Tape)

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