Trisol Music Group

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Trisol Music Group
Parent company None
Genre Various (an assortment of "Dark" music)
Country of origin Germany[1]
Location Germany Dieburg, Hesse[1]
Official website

The Trisol Music Group - GmbH (or simply, "Trisol"), is a German[2] business group and record label headquartered in Dieburg. Owning multiple sublabels, they specialize in producing musical works pertaining to darkwave, dark folk, gothic rock, deathrock, ethereal wave and other "gothic" genres of music. (Though there are exceptions to this, as Trisol also publishes for musical artists who perform black metal, synthpop, noise music, EBM, "Neue Deutsche Härte", dark ambient, neofolk, horror punk, experimental, etc.) [3] In general they are considered a major European label for works within the realm of Dark Alternative music.


  • Apocalyptic Vision
  • Armageddon Shadow
  • Electric Starfish
  • Iceflower
  • Liberation and ecstacy
  • Matrix Cube
  • Richter Skala
  • Sad Eyes
  • Weisser Herbst




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