Census of Marine Zooplankton

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Census of Marine Zooplankton
Abbreviation CeDAMar
Formation 2004 (2004)
Type Biological census
Headquarters University of Connecticut
Parent organization
Census of Marine Life
Website www.cmarz.org

The Census of Marine Zooplankton is a field project of the Census of Marine Life that has aimed to produce a global assessment of the species diversity, biomass, biogeographic distribution, and genetic diversity of more than 7,000 described species of zooplankton that drift the ocean currents throughout their lives. CMarZ focuses on the deep sea, under-sampled regions, and biodiversity hotspots. [1]

Technology plays a great role in CMarZ's research, including the use of integrated morphological and molecular sampling through DNA Barcoding. [2] CMarZ makes its datasets available via the CMarZ Database.[3]


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