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Looking into Center Gai

Center Gai (センター街 Sentā-gai) is a narrow street in Udagawachō (宇田川町), Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. It is a popular area for youths as it has a variety of popular brand name stores, fast food outlets and nightclubs. Its name is meant to signify how it is the "center" of Shibuya. It can be reached from Shibuya Station.

Center Gai originated as a road built over culverts spanning the River Udagawa.

On June 20, 1997, as a result of strong winds from a typhoon that had descended on the Kantō region, a 4 ton sign at the entrance to Center Gai fell, trapping several people and killing one man.


Coordinates: 35°39′35.33″N 139°42′0.57″E / 35.6598139°N 139.7001583°E / 35.6598139; 139.7001583