Center for Higher Studies

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Center for Higher Studies
the Legionaries of Christ
Centro di Studi Superiori
MottoLatin: Adveniat Regnum Tuum!
English: Thy Kingdom Come!
TypeRoman Catholic Seminary; Continuing Formation Institute, Residence
RectorFr. Guillermo Meade
Rome, Italy

41°52′51″N 12°23′58″E / 41.880937°N 12.39953°E / 41.880937; 12.39953
Campus190 Via degli Aldobrandeschi
ColorsRed and White         
AffiliationsLegion of Christ

The Center for Higher Studies of the Legion of Christ is where most the members of the congregation study their philosophy and theology in preparation for priestly ordination. It is located on the west side of Rome near Via Aurelia, right behind the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum. Most of the religious brothers study at Regina Apostolorum while living at the center (all Legionaries live either at the center or the General house on Via Aurelia while studying philosophy and theology).


The courtyard of the Center for Higher Studies covered in snow.

In 1991, the Legion built a center capable of 300 on via Aurelia Antica. However in 1999 this was turned into a college for diocesan seminarians and the current campus was built.[1]


Often deaconate ordinations and at times priestly ordinations of members of the Legion have been done in the center's chapel.[2]


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