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The Center for Quantum Information Science & Technology (CQIST) is a Multi-School Organized Research Unit at the University of Southern California. Its mission is to advance fundamental experimental and theoretical knowledge in areas of Engineering and Physical Science relevant to Quantum Information Science. CQIST mentors graduate and postdoctoral research, sponsors a visiting scholars program, develops and teaches novel courses, organizes international conferences and workshops, and holds regular seminar series. In Dec. 1997 it hosted the First International Conference on Quantum Error Correction.[1] CQIST was founded in July 1997. Its first and current Director is Daniel Lidar.


CQIST faculty members engage in a variety of Quantum Information Science related research, spanning both theoretical and experimental aspects. Currently active research areas include quantum error correction, adiabatic quantum computation, quantum phase transitions, coherent control, photonics, and quantum electronics.


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